Stories of Arlyrus 10: Tas & Lan- Not a Love Story

Monday October 30 2023, 6:00 pm MDT

A behind-the-scenes look at some Whispermen we know and love… plus vampires!

Please note that registration will be open until approximately 15 minutes before the show. After that point, if you wish to watch the show, please join us at

McKenna Webb as Tas
Murray Farnell as Lan
Shanna Stoker as Morgaine
Mimi Brown as The Stylist
Justine Westby as Sy’Fox
Rebecca Muñoz as Acelyn
Mandana Namazi as Malazan
Sarah Bostock as Shasta-Quill
Kelly as D’alann
Sean Duncan as Fierce Roger
Jason Simon as Thay-Zhan
Cody Porter as Prospector Civvy
Jonathan Jones as Hazid
Joe Llorens as Edridge

Melody McClellan as Femme Cover
Tory Doctor as Masc Cover

Davis Shewchuk as Stage Manager

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