The Musical

Off the Beaten Path

Part of the greater Companions Trilogy

OBP Synopsis:
Off the Beaten Path is a “Pick Your Poison” (choose your own adventure style) fantasy musical that follows a ragtag group of companions seeking a powerful artifact that could destroy the world. Full of epic battles, sacrifice, love, secrets, intrigue and a fantasy inspired musical score, the audience ultimately decides the fate of the heroes. This multi-platform musical experience has approx. 60 different scripted incarnations which allows Off the Beaten Path audiences to keep coming back for more.

Cast Size:
Minimum 10

The Companions:

Kytius Westwind: Half-elf Fighter/Ranger
Hot headed leader of the companions. Kytius is an accomplished hero that often cuts corners to get to his objective. He is a bit full of himself and often rubs his fellow companions the wrong way. In love with Sorshala.
Gender: Male
Age: 18-40+
Height: 5’7”-6’
Vocal range: Tenor (A-2 to Bb-4)

Eris Bolderock: Dwarven Fighter
Wise and strong, Eris is (secretly) of royal blood, but left her clan and the line of succession to be an adventurer. She has a soft spot for Kytius and is most often the voice of reason. Has a Celtic accent of sorts.
Gender: Female
Age: 18-40+
Height: Under 5’2”
Vocal range: Mezzo (G-3 to D-5)

Anaax Passion: Human, Bard
Anaax is charming, quick witted and talented. He/She/They use music to weave magic. They are quite capable with a sword, but no longer trust their own abilities since the loss of a loved one.
Gender: Any
Age: Ageless
Height: any
Vocal range: Any (B2- E4)
ASL an asset

Rhoswen: Elven rogue
Rhoswen is the best thief in the kingdom, often stealing things because she can. She is a lone wolf and loves sticking it to the patriarchy. She falls in love with Khulgar because of his earnest sincerity. She has a dark secret.
Gender: Female
Age: 18-40+
Height: 5’3”-6’
Vocal range: Mezzo (A3 to E5)
ASL an asset

Khulgar Thundertree’s Son: Goliath Barbarian
Khulgar is a lovable and emotionally intelligent teddy bear… that can rip your head off in battle. He is the most sincere and earnest of people, but when angry, can shrug off a lot of damage. Khulgar is in love with Rhoswen upon seeing her. Is scared of magic.
Gender: Male
Age: 18-40+
Height: 6’3” and up
Vocal Range: Baritone (G-2 – C4)

Ensemble of 5(+) That can play various roles. Must be able to dance and sing. Fight Experience a bonus.

Seer/Queen/Aasira/Flox/Samara/Gillian– Age: 40+, Gender: Female (Bb3 to Bb4)

Greymark/Stranger/Caravan Man- Age: any, Gender: any

Architect/Sorshala/Princess La Frena/Tas– Age: any, Gender: Female (Ab3 to Eb5)

Man/Titan-Ka/Khazz/Elven Officer/Lan/Queen’s Guard or Whisperman– Age: Any, Gender: Any

Herald/En-PeaSee/Steward/Gareth/Blacksmith– Age: 40+, Gender: Any:

Music: Nico Rhodes
Book & Lyrics: Tory Doctor
Additional Lyrics: Brynn Doctor
Additional Music: Eric Wigston

The Concept

The narrator, a being known only as The Architect, will be the one weaving the tale. At times, The Architect will need your assistance in figuring out how the story will go and will present you with choices. The choices you make will change the course of the show.


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“Hero of the Realm” music video
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Orc Slavers sample
Choreography: Hannah Joelle
Undead sample
Choreography: Hannah Joelle

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Composing Through the Pain

Aiden Chan Joins OBP Composition Team
Events, Online Readings, Performances

SoA 11 (Young Kytius and Khulgar, Title TBD)

Monday July 29 2024, 6:00 pm MDT
Morgaine's Cottage
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