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An all-new cast brings the world of Arlyrus to life!
Monday December 6 2021, 6:00 pm MST

An all-new cast brings the world of Arlyrus to life!

Murray Farnell as Kytius Westwind
Dorian McCall as Khulgar, Thundertree’s Son
Lauren Culver as Anaax Passion
Ariana Jackman as Eris Bolderock
Shanna Stoker as Rhoswen
Triss Leder as The Architect/Sorshala/La Frena/Tas
Justine Westby as Seer/Queen/Aasira/Flox/Samira/Gillian
Ariana Nicole George as Greymark/Stranger/Caravan Man
Suchiththa Wickremesooriya as Man/Titan-Ka/Khazz/Elven Officer/Queen’s Guard/Whisperman
Rob Mobley as Herald/EnPea-See/Steward/Gareth/Blacksmith
Steve Pepper as The Engineer

Matthew Schomer- Male Cover
Melody McClellan- Female Cover

Monday, December 6
5 am Pacific
6 pm Mountain
7 pm Central
8 pm Eastern
1 am UK (Tuesday, December 7)

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