Lauren Culver

“I am so thankful to be along for this OBP ride; as a life-long lover of story (the places it can take us, the people it helps us become, and the truths it helps us uncover), I have become nerdily addicted to uncovering more of the deep connections, twists, and secrets of this brilliantly crafted world, Arlyrus.”

Lauren Culver is an Orlando-based Actor/Singer who lives out her childhood dreams regularly, pretending to be a witch at Universal Studios Florida. She has performed actor, improvisational atmosphere, singer, dancer, and animatronic puppet roles at the theme parks; additionally, she has taken on responsibilities seasonally on the direction team. Back in the muggle world, she has performed regionally in theatres all over the country. She has a BFA in Musical Theatre from Millikin University. Check out for a full bio, or just to say hey!

Morgaine's Cottage
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