OBP April Reading

Monday April 18 2022, 6:00 pm MDT

Justine Westby as Kytius
Tory Doctor as Khulgar
Suchiththa Wickremesooriya as Anaax
Claire O’Reilly as Eris
Melody McClellan as Rhoswen
Ariana Nicole George as The Architect/Sorshala
Sarah Bostock as The Seer/Queen Noctis/Aasira/Flox/Samara
Mary Rose Vadebonceour as La Frena/Tas/Gillian
Bryan Smith as Greymark/Stranger/Caravan Man
Stuart Bentley as Herald/EnPea-See/Steward/Gareth/Blacksmith
Vee Vargas as The Engineer

Male Cover: Steve Pepper
Female Cover: Audrey Loewen

Stage Manager: Caaryn Sadoway
Assistant Stage Manager: Tara Holl

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