“I found OBP on tiktok and immediately fell in love with the world and stories! I never imagined that some months later I would get a DM on tiktok about auditioning for and later joining the cast, crew, and family of OBP. This place has really become a home and family to me as we band together to share our stories with the world. I could not be more excited to work with such talented and kind people from all over the world!”

Audrey Loewen is an actor, singer, and dancer originally from Southern California and now in Colorado Springs. She graduated from Azusa Pacific University with her BFA degree in acting for the stage and screen while working in media productions to have a well rounded background in all things production. Some theater highlights include: Puss in Boots as Nikola and Julie, Little Women as Aunt March, West Side Story as Anybodys, Aladdin: Dual Language Edition as the Swing and replacement for Raja. Her favorite film credit is The Clash Pad with Women Aren’t Funny Productions. Audrey also spends her time as a content creator on TikTok working on “A Doll’s House: Content Series” with Loewen-Elofson Productions in addition to creating her own OC’s and story arcs that include Caeghlin with the Ocean’s Pride tag, Nell with the Kingdom of Stars tag, and La Femme with the Void tag. Follow her on TikTok or check out her website.