Audrey Loewen

Audrey (they/she) is a born and raised SoCal native with a passion for performance and live experiences. Audrey graduated with a BFA in acting for the stage and screen in ‘21. While attending university, they worked in live production as an audio engineer. After the pandemic, she decided to pursue her career as an audio technician working events and shows in California, Colorado, Connecticut, and southern Utah, where they currently reside as an A1 at a regional theater. Though more recently Audrey’s time has been spent behind the scenes mixing live performances and editing (and producing) a ttrpg podcast, they still perform regularly at several Renaissance Festivals and Scottish Highland Games across states in addition to creating new original character content across social media platforms. Some of their favorite acting credit highlights are Aunt March in Little Women, Sophie in The Clash Pad, Featured Ensemble/Swing in Joseph and… Dream Coat, Winifred Burbage in the RPF Street Indie Cast, and of course working as a Femme Cover/The Candler/Kat with OBP. To follow along on any of the adventures that take Audrey all over, you can find them at @audgepodge1899 across social media platforms.

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