SoA4: The Night of a Dozen -or- By the Twelve

Learn the backstory of Eris Bolderock!
Sunday October 17 2021, 6:00 pm MDT

(This event has ended)

Learn the backstory of Eris Bolderock!

Sunday, October 17
5 pm Pacific
6 pm Mountain
7 pm Central
8 pm Eastern
1 am UK (October 18)

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Samantha Spragg as Eris Bolderock
Claire O’Reilly as Notion Steadyrock
Cody Porter as Stoic Steadyrock
Murray Farnell as Ardent (Halt) Bolderock
Sarah Bostock as Margery
Justine Westby as Flint Hammersmoke
Joy Beth DeWitt-Riley as The Architect
Andrea Schmidt as The Engineer
Steven Eddy Pepper as Ax
Rob Mobley as Elrich
Shanna Stoker as Morgaine
Lori Nancy Kalamanski as Freya Bolderock

Male Cover- Matthew Schomer
Female Cover- Audrey Loewen

Sorry. This event has ended. 

Night Of A Dozen
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