The Spark of Justice: A Story of Arlyrus

Live at Dork Tales Expo Online!
Saturday April 22 2023, 12:30 pm MDT

Live at Dork Tales Expo Online!

Five characters from the world of Arlyrus come together to tell a brand new story. YOU, the audience, choose which of them is the narrator! Though the dialogue and action remain the same, you learn new info with each different narrator.

Will you choose Spark, Anaax, Ra’ov, Gram, or Boy to weave the tale. The choice is yours, adventurer…

No need to register for this event. Just tune into the Dork Tales Twitch channel at 12:30 pm MDT on April 22.

McKenna Webb as Spark
Suchiththa Wickremesooriya as Anaax
Jonathan Thomas Jones as Ra’ov
Sarah Bostock as Gram
Rob Mobley as Boy

Tory Doctor as The Architect
Melody McClellan as The Engineer
Jay Wassell as Stage Manager

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