Stories of Arlyrus 8: Feast & Fallow- The Lost Seer Story

Mythology and magic, a siren and a sailor, love and loss.
Monday October 10 2022, 6:00 pm MDT

Mythology and magic, a siren and a sailor, love and loss. Join us as we explore deeper Arlyrus lore than ever before.

Ariana Nicole George as Ophelia, The Lost Seer
Eric Wigston as Taft
Sayer Roberts as The Faun/The Satyr
Andrea Schmidt as Lanza
Sarah Guthrie as Kherra
Brittany Morgan as Coll-Dier
Sarah Bostock as Carillon
Suchiththa Wickrememsooriya as Khallin
Isabella Tecson as The Engineer

Tory Doctor, Lyric Doctor, and Aramis Doctor as Phoenix
Stuart Bentley and Melody McClellan as The Architects, Bearthof and Sorshala

Femme Cover: Shanna Stoker
Masc Cover: Matthew Schomer
Stage Manager: Caaryn Sadoway

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