SoA 6: It Just Went Click

You've heard Anaax's tragic song of love and loss. Now see the story that inspired it.
Monday March 28 2022, 6:00 pm MDT

“La ditty hay…”

You’ve heard Anaax’s tragic song of love and loss. Now see the story that inspired it.

Eric Wigston as Anaax
Suchiththa Wickremesooriya as Bundles
Murray Farnell as Tat
Vee Vargas as Hap
McKenna Webb as Venture
Isabella Tecson as Khasey
Tony Meehan as Burgamaster Hanzen
Sarah Bostock as Wisdom Wreath
Melody McClellan as The Architect
Andrea Schmidt as The Engineer

Male Cover- Tory Doctor
Female Cover- Ann Edelstein

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STARRINGJustine Westby as KytiusTory Doctor as KhulgarSuchiththa Wickremesooriya as AnaaxClaire O’Reilly as ErisMelody McClellan as RhoswenAriana Nicole George as The Architect/SorshalaSarah Bostock as The Seer/Queen Noctis/Aasira/Flox/SamaraMary Rose Vadebonceour as La Frena/Tas/GillianBryan Smith as Greymark/Stranger/Caravan ManStuart Bentley as Herald/EnPea-See/Steward/Gareth/BlacksmithVee Vargas as The Engineer Male Cover: Steve PepperFemale Cover: Audrey Loewen Stage Manager: Caaryn SadowayAssistant Stage Manager: Tara Holl Click below to register now!

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