OBP Reading

Monday January 17 2022, 5:00 pm MST

Suchiththa Wickremesooriya as Kytius
David Silvestre as Khulgar
Tory Doctor as Anaax
Justine Westby as Eris
Shanna Stoker as Rhoswen
Melody McClellan as The Architect, Sorshala
Sarah Bostock as Seer, Queen, Aasira, Flox, Samara
McKenna Webb as La Frena, Tas, Gillian
Matthew Schomer as Greymark, Stranger, Caravan Man
Murray Farnell as Man, Titan-Ka, Khazz, Elven Officer, Queen’s Guard, Whisperman
Stuart Bentley as Herald, EnPea-See, Steward, Gareth, Blacksmith
Kelsey Skomer as The Engineer
Dorian McCall as Male Cover
Audrey Loewen as Female Cover

Stage Manager- Tara Holl
Assistant Stage Manager- Davis Shewchuk

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