Tory Doctor


Friends, fans and Path-ologists…

We at OBP take artistic integrity incredibly seriously.

A Dynamic Father-Son Duo

It was the warmth of Kenny and Elijah that opened us all up to be vulnerable and reflective.

14 Year Old Actor Given His Namesake

Couple [his emotional depth] with his stunningly mature vocals and his kind, compassionate demeanor… It was then I knew exactly what to do.

An Interview with Eric Wigston

[Eric and Tory’s] witty banter had me laughing probably more than I was interviewing.
Past events, Performances

Off the Beaten Path All TikTok Cast

Saturday July 24 2021, 12:00 pm MDT

(This event has ended)

Fourteen fresh faces hail from TikTok in an OBP performance that’s sure to charm the pantaloons right off of you! July 24, 12 pm mountain time.

The Stories We Tell Matter

[Lauren’s] drive to never stop learning is truly a quest (or “not quest”) we should all aspire to do.
Morgaine's Cottage
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