Friends, fans and Path-ologists…

We at OBP take artistic integrity incredibly seriously.

In the past 24 hours it has come to our attention here at OBP that the original artwork we commissioned for the companions contains many similarities with other artwork found online. While we make no assumptions about the intentions of the artist, and we recognize that artists often draw inspiration from other art, the similarities are too many for us to feel comfortable continuing to use these pieces in our own branding. We at OBP take artistic integrity incredibly seriously, and we do not support any infringement – intentional or not – on another artists work, particularly without proper attribution.

Accordingly, we have made the decision to pull all of the affected artwork from our merchandise and marketing effective immediately. This will only impact certain illustrations, and we are excited to be developing redesigned materials which will be released in the weeks to come.

If you ever see any evidence of artistic infringement in any materials associated with OBP, PLEASE reach out and let us know. As artists we pour ourselves into our work, and every single artist deserves to be fully and properly credited for their original creations.

We cannot wait for the next part of our adventure, and as always we remain committed to bringing you only the best that we can offer.

Thank you for your continued support. It means more than we can say.

With the utmost humility and love,

~Tory Doctor
Off the Beaten Path Creator

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