Fantasy and Sci-Fi Commissions

Aiden Chan

Aiden was given a violin at 3 years old.

He has since continued his musical growth for over 25 years, and boasts one of the most diverse backgrounds and careers amongst his peers. A lifelong student, Aiden’s distinct privilege to hone expertise across multiple fields outside of music (including marketing, hospitality, culinary arts, and home improvement among others), is coupled with his international upbringing in Hong Kong to inform his mastery over mood in his works. He has gone on to attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Violin Performance at the University of North Texas, and a Fellowship/Master’s in Violin Recital at the Trinity College of London at the age of 16.

His work has been featured by such channels as Critical Role, Syrinscape, R. Talsorian Games, Realm Narrative Gaming, Gays of the Round Network, MattyMorgs, Exploding Dice, Nerdsmith, and Cantata Pansophical. Aiden evokes a pure emotion in his music that has been lauded as [sic] “having all the tears” (Ashley Johnson; VO artist) and “chilling” (Cypher of Tyr). His total command of motifs and texture has been praised as “excellent” (Liam O’Brien) and “phenomenal” (Laura Bailey), bringing an iconifying quality to every project he has composed for, breathing life into every story, moment, and character.

Aiden’s passion goes beyond music within his work, and carries a deep love for collaboration. Spearheading much of the Critical Concert charity music festival, he takes producing and consultative roles to enable any team of which he is a part. Recently, in much of 2021, he took a professional hiatus from music to raise his family, and explore other skills in leadership, project management, and visual design to further his already well-rounded repertoire. He plans to return to music in Q4 of 2021, continuing to push boundaries of expression and be an active leader in the gaming community.

An avid gamer, Aiden enjoys the mouse, controller, and dice; chances are, he has at least one of them in his hands 24 hours a day. When he’s not staring at a screen making music or juggling, he spends quality time with his wife, son, and Boston terrier, or some good food and drink. Aiden also enjoys bushcraft and the outdoors; he fences (with swords), and firmly believes that he should at least be able to do a few things his Dungeons and Dragons character can.

  • The Adventure Begins - OBPmusical- Aiden Chan
  • The Stars Are A Better View - OBPmusical- Aiden Chan, Andrea Schmidt, Adam Lucas
  • Welcome to Mitra - OBPmusical- Aiden Chan
  • It's Never Winter - OBPmusical- Aiden Chan
  • It's Never Winter - OBPmusical- Aiden Chan, Adam Lucas
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