Kytius Westwind

”For Mum’s sake!”

Kytius Westwind

Race: Half-elf
Class: Ranger
Strength: 17 Dexterity: 17 Constitution: 14 Intelligence: 12 Wisdom: 11 Charisma: 19
Kytius Westwind. Art by Lyn Redder

An ego-driven fighter and ranger who wants to be with Sorshala at any cost. Kytius has swagger. He is openly confident in his abilities and approaches leadership with a very “my idea is the only idea” mentality. However, the bravado is a mask. Underneath he has a heart; he is working to get back to his love and cares very much for his friends. He is witty; he is a fast talker because he is a fast thinker.

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