Sydney Lanae Bush

“I met Tory (weirdly enough) on Tik Tok through a friend of mine, thinking I would be joining a small business of singers. To my surprise, I have been welcomed with open arms by some of the most incredible people to join an incredible show! And I get to perform alongside them? What an honor! After seeing Off the Beaten Path for the first time in February, I was not only inspired but incredibly motivated to perform again. I am super excited to be a part of one of Tory’s creations!”

Sydney is a student currently attending her last semester of Ohlone College, where she will be getting her Associates in Theatre Arts. Sydney has been performing since she was 13 years old with an amazing non-profit company by the name of StarStruck Youth Organization in the Bay Area. There, she learned the power of harmonies from Nancy Godfried, all different types of dance from Jean Batacan-Harper, much technical and behind-the-scenes action from Anthony Wickizer, and learned the overall joys and love of theatre from Lori Stokes. Since her work with StarStruck, she has performed with Michael Navarra at Ohlone in one of her favorite productions Wendy and Peter Pan where she played her first lead role as Tink as well as performed in her very first original play, The Reluctant Vampire, where she played the reluctant vampire herself. This is her first show outside of education and she cannot wait to help her cast and team members create an amazing show!

Morgaine's Cottage
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