Free Bicknell

Free is a local singer, dancer, and actress based in Calgary, Alberta. She is honoured to be participating in another fantastic OBP performance! 

OBP to date: Stories of Arlyrus 3: Khulgar … The Making of a Hero, Off the Beaten Path: What If …?, OBPmusical Commission “Hush, Hush”.

Other performance highlights: Young Canadians Vocal Soloist and Dancer in: “Step Into The Magic,” “Canadian Playlist,” “All Aboard for Broadway.” Storybook Theatre: “Broadway” Singers at Sunset (“Flowers” Hadestown) Annie (July), Matilda (Amanda Thripp). C/FRC/M/US: All Together Now! MTI. IMAGINE PA: Disney’s Heroes & Villains (Cinderella / Mouseketeer Karen), Dreams of Broadway (Ensemble).

When not performing, you can find her inline skating, rock climbing, or snowboarding. You can next catch Free performing with illFX Night at the Apollo this June and in the Bell Grandstand Show every night of the Calgary Stampede!

Free is incredibly excited and thankful to be a part of this outstanding show and hopes you will love it as much as she does!

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