Erin Hurst

Erin is very excited to be joining the team and is ready for the adventure! She got her start in musical theater as a child and has been addicted to the spotlight ever since. She majored in Theatre with emphasis on performance, makeup, and costume design. Erin also attended Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Clown College. She is proud of her former clown and Ringmaster days in the circus, and looks forward to clowning around with us! As the co-founder of the theater company the 3000 Brigade, a.k.a. 3KB, Erin wrote, directed, choreographed, and created costumes for all of the 3KB performances for over a decade. With the 3KB she has had the pleasure of voice acting many of the characters as well as performing them on stage. When Erin is not on stage or behind the mic, she is very active in the cosplay convention scene where she uses her costume and makeup skills as a featured cosplay guest. You can find her on TikTok @peachbunnyprincess. She is very grateful for the opportunity to lend her vocal talents to Off the Beaten Path and is eager to dive right in!

Morgaine's Cottage
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