Bryce Sanders

Bryce Sanders has been an applied Improvisation and acting teacher for the past decade and has been a professional Dungeons and Dragons Game Master for the past two years. Bryce’s ability to capture the audience through vivid storytelling and an expressive command of the stage serves not only to impress but also uplift and enhance the voice of his co-stars. A masterful improviser, Bryce adapts easily and provides a very easy-going work environment, a true pleasure to work with and direct with an array of accents, pliable characters, and wit to draw upon. Bryce is also an accomplished martial artist with two decades of experience and stage training. Bryce has been recognized for his Improvisation talents with a nomination for the 2017 FORTE award for Best Improviser. Bryce Sanders studied theater and drama at the 2013 and 2015 Lamplighter’s Guild under actress Cathy Sara (Woman in Black, Downton Abbey) and Actor and Producer Peter Moreton (Secret Garden, Van Der Valk). A native of Northern Nevada, Bryce now enjoys writing, acting in his spare time, live streaming on Twitch and other social media under the name Excalybyr and runs a Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast called Die Cast.

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