Kyle Andrew Ouellette

Kyle Ouellette is returning to your screen in Off the Beaten! After years of experience performing on stage in musical theater since 2007, he has appeared as a voice actor in small uncredited roles. He is excited to attach his face to a role so close to his background as a lifelong dungeon and dragoneer since he was 11; “Fantasy is a part of my bones.” 

Kyle grew up with his parents, and two brothers Brandon and Cameron, in the small town of Ellsworth, Maine. Kyle’s greatest mentors were his directors: Rebecca Wright, Jasmine Ireland, Ben Layman, and Christie Robinson. Additionally, he could not have learned how to be an engaging storyteller and voice actor without the inspiring and formative instruction of his teachers Mr. and Mrs. Beardsley.

Kyle studied to be an animator and 3D artist in Philadelphia at the Art Institute. He does not recommend the Art Institute but does recommend Philadelphia as the best city to visit and learn about American culture and appreciate its history.

Kyle is a published author and dungeon master, his premiere adventure, “Shadows Under Emystrell” is available for free on the Dungeon Masters Guild website. Kyle lives with the love of his life, Devin Couch, in New England with their cat, Zoe, and their gecko, Omelette. Kyle can be contacted at his professional email: his website at or on his social media accounts as dm_guru2.

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