George McClellan

George is making his voice acting debut, and it does him a heckin excite to do so in the world of Arlyrus since it means so much to his mahm.

George lives in Seattle, Washington, where Melody McClellan and her husband Wes pay his bills. He loves making new friends and going for long walks to see the birds, seals, and sea lions at the Hiram M. Chittenden boat locks. He loves his rubber pig and his yellow rope, and his favorite foods are beets and dark meat turkey. When he’s not warming up his vocal cords by singing the song of his people (barking), George can often be found snoozing by a heat vent or annoying his next door neighbor, a Basenji named Princess. You can follow George on Instagram at @ballardboygeorge.

As a pit bull mix, George is very passionate about fighting the stigma against pit bulls. That’s why he dresses in cute clothes and is such a good snuggler. For more information, please read the ASPCA’s Position Statement on Pit Bulls. If you’d like to help George fight fear with friendship, consider donating to Pinups for Pitbulls.

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