Ann Edelstein

Ann is originally from California, but now resides in BC. She lived in France from ages 2-9, so she’s kind of from all over the place. She obviously loves musical theatre and has a not-so-mild obsession with Les Mis and Beauty and the Beast. Pre-pandemic, Ann worked as a professional princess for a company that offered fairy tale character visits for kids’ birthday parties. She is now working on opening my own such company on Vancouver Island (assuming covid doesn’t decide to ruin everything again).

Ann got her B.A. in creative writing, but will soon start her M.A. in art history, so she’s taking some prerequisites in that right now. Her main focus in art history is the history of fashion (especially women’s fashion from the mid-18th century to pre-WWI).

Ann enjoys DnD (though she still asks her husband to help her navigate some of the rules and take charge of the math). Other hobbies include making historical clothing and exploring historical sewing techniques, reading, drawing, talking about her pets, and amplifying her existing paranoia by listening to true crime podcasts every day.

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